Argonne Instruments at WFIP3: Day 1 - Landing in Nantucket#

Overview of WFIP3#

Today was the first day of my trip focused on deploying instruments from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) (based in Lemont, Illinois), to the East Coast of the United States for the 3rd Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP3). The project aims to improve wind forecasting ability within models, using both models and observations focused on offshore wind farms in the greater Boston, Massachusetts region. Argonne National Laboratory has a collection of instruments, most of which usually reside at the Argonne Testbed for Multiscale Observational Science (ATMOS), which can be deployed for different scientific projects! Instruments at Argonne were deployed for previous Wind Forecast Improvement Projects.

The field sites are outlined in the graphic below, which can be found on the project website ( )

Day 1 Activities#

Today was a travel day for the most part. We flew from O’Hare (Chicago) to Logan airport (Boston). We rented a car, grabbed some last minute supplies, and drove to the harbor to catch the ferry to the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

This is an image of our arrival in Nantucket.

Nanutcket Pier

Once on the island, we met up with collaborators from other research institutions (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), who drove us to the field site, located on the southern portion of the island. There was a beautiful sunset as we reviewed the plan for tomorrow.

WFIP3 Nantucket Field Site

We grabbed dinner after checking into the hotel, walking to Brotherhood of Thieves, only a few minutes away. They had phenomenal seafood options, including the traditional lobster roll with clam chowder appetizer.

Lobster Roll

This was a great way to end the day, and I look forward to helping to install instruments tomorrow, starting the initial data collection process.